Dan McDonald and John Kohler: Q & A Session Video

Dan McDonald and John Kohler

These guys are so great: Dan McDonald & John Kohler — they are definitely two of my favorites in the health movement (especially raw foods). Both of them give so much info for free on a somewhat daily basis on Youtube:
Dan McDonald’s Youtube channel link
John Kohler’s Youtube channel link 1 & link 2

What I like about John Kohler, is that he teaches you how to grow food yourself, but also, the best health food techniques, and gives his opinion on health products (best blender, etc.) on the market. Dan McDonald comes from more of a chef’s point of view. He shares recipes on a regular basis, but also the spiritual fruits of eating a clean & healthy diet. And, he isn’t afraid to talk about the spiritual side effects of eating & juicing live plant matter, as well as the uncomfortable symptoms of detox. The combination of what they both teach is really all that one needs in order to start an amazing health transformation & journey.


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