Sunday Is For Lovers! :)

the rainbow farmer

If you haven’t been to my other blog lately (or ever), tiled Sunday Is For Lovers — check out the last two posts. One is about okra growing in my apartment, and the other is about my desire to be more creative. Check out the links below…

Blog link 1 – Good Morning Okra!

Blog link 2 – We Are Creators

Also, I highly recommend these films. I watched them over the weekend and really enjoyed them. Links listed below…

Movie link 1Monica & David

Movie link 2 – Wake Up

(And if anyone has had meta-physical experiences like the ones described in the movie Wake Up, contact me. Something similar happened to me, but only once. I’d love to hear about what happened to you, what you experienced. My contact info is to the left, in the sidebar menu.  Thanks!)


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