Beading Up a Storm

beading up a storm

What an exciting way to start the new year. NYC is supposed to get possibly up to 6″ inches of snow tonight. I’m curious see if this will happen. I’ll be up late tonight beading custom orders for my shop The Rainbow Farmer. As I bead I get to look out a large window and see a blurry mauve colored sky, filled with diamond-like snowflakes blowing and whirling in every direction. I can usually see a clock tower in a skyline through my window — but not tonight. The sky is so opaque, I can only see neighborhood brownstones directly in front of me.

I exercised this afternoon (cardio & strength mix at home), followed by a blissful meditation session. I didn’t go for a run today because the pavement was full of black ice. Do you know it? It’s morning drizzle that has instantly frozen, covering a spot (or many spots) with a layer of very slippery ice. I went to the post office this morning, and had wobbly legs and slippery feet all the way there. I had to take my hands out of my pockets, just in case I slipped and had to grab a tree or railing to save myself from falling.

Today was wonderful. Full of life. Meditative beading, exciting weather, delivering shop orders, having a simple veggie dinner at home, connecting with people over the internet — what more could I ask for?


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