Apples in the Rain

apples in the rain

Usually when it rains, I totally chicken out on exercising outdoors. I give myself the sad excuse of, “Well, it’s raining today. I’ll go out and run tomorrow.” This Saturday I did not do that. I laced up my shoes and stuck a plastic bag in my pocket, and walked out the door.

As soon as I shut the door, I started to run. I didn’t run far! Only to a nearby farmers’ market. After a 20 minute run, I stopped to buy apples. I picked one of almost every type they had (a bag full of 8 or so). The colors were so rich and beautiful. I wondered why I don’t do this every week? But then I remembered, that good things are realized when we push past imaged boundaries. When we raise our level of awareness — the whole word opens to us. We can finally see it in its glory. And we see how we fit in it, seamlessly.

By the time I got my apples, it was raining hard. I decided to just walk and get wet. It was nice to walk in the rain. I kept wondering if my apple bag would completely fill up with water. It didn’t. When I got home, it just had a bit of water in it.

That evening I chopped one of the apples in my salad. It was a dark colored, with a rich oak-like taste. I forgot the name of the apple — but I won’t forget the taste. And I won’t forget how beautiful apples are in the rain, or how good it feels to be in the elements. One with the world, just as it is, not waiting for a better day.


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