Birthday Seaweed!

wakame seaweed

Yesterday was my birthday. I mentioned it on Sunday Is For Lovers, but I didn’t get a chance to blog about it here. I had a really wonderful day. One of my best birthdays ever. :)

Well, the birthday continues, because a gift arrived in the mail for me today! I received a huge box of dried seaweed. I mean filled to the rim with various kinds. It was gorgeous. There were several types of Hijiki and Wakame (which I know pretty well and eat fairly regularly — although, the kind I usually eat don’t look as top-notch & official as the ones in the box, these might taste different.) But there were a few others that I can’t recall ever eating: Funori, Konbu and Aonori. I’m eager to try them! In the box was also some Shiitake mushrooms — which I know I will just love!

What a sweet gift. I’m so grateful! This lovely box of goodies will be feeding me for some time. I’ll have to share how I prepare/eat the various types of seaweed with you. And also tell you which were my favorites! Stay tuned for that.

konbu seaweed

funori seaweed

hijiki seaweed

aonori seaweed


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