Going Fully Raw


I absolutely love this video. It’s a video of Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram (raw food chef & coach) and her mother Sandra. Kristina enrolled her mom in a 21 day 100% vegan raw food challenge. I’m not sure how far she is into the challenge, but she shares her obstacles and insights in the video. I almost cried while watching the video. I know so many people that feel the same way as BOTH of them.

Learning to eat healthfully can be challenging — but unlearning is an even bigger challenge. Dropping outdated concepts and letting go of habitual choices is tough! It’s a paradigm shift and it can be very disorienting. Taking it day-by-day is the best that one can do. Be gentle with yourself, but stand firm and deeply rooted in your desire for a healthier happier you!

I’m not 100% raw, but I am 100% committed to living a healthy & happy life. For me personally, this means that I eat mostly fruit & veggies, exercise regularly, get fresh air & sunshine, spread love, stay hydrated, sleep well and maintain low-stress levels. I don’t aim for perfection, I just do the best I can everyday depending on my current goals and circumstances. Another thing I do, is I try to make it fun. I keep healthy habits in a way that brightens my soul. This way, if I get off track, it’s easy to tell. I immediately notice that I’m not having much fun!

Try it. Challenge yourself to look for ways to be healthier while having more fun. Make it a part of each day. Work on your health in a holistic way. Make a note of all that I listed in the paragraph above and get the entire spectrum of health radiant in your life. Give your attention and dedication to each part of it. See it all as important. If you eat well and don’t sleep well — you won’t feel well! So many people have one or two areas of their health in good order, but have ignored the rest. All areas need priority. A healthy garden doesn’t only need light, or only need water, or only need soil — it needs it all! And so do you. See that you get it all. Make it your mission! :) And make it fun.


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