Have you tried Nameko?

nameko mushroom

A friend emailed me from Japan and asked me if I ever tried Nameko (aka Pholiota nameko). I said that I haven’t — but I would like too!

Pholiota nameko, commonly known as Nameko (ナメコ), is a small, amber-brown mushroom with a slightly gelatinous coating that is used as an ingredient in miso soup and nabemono. In some countries this mushroom is available in kit form and can be grown at home. It is one of Japan’s most popular cultivated mushrooms, tasting slightly nutty and is often used in stir-fries.

In China the mushroom is known as huázĭ mó (Chinese: 滑子蘑). In Russia, it is also consumed widely, and is known as (often sold as) “o-pyo-nok” (опёнок) or plural “o-pya-ta” (опята). In America, the mushroom is sometimes called a “butterscotch mushroom”.


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