Planting Beads Before Spring

tribal beaded bracelets

I’m slowly adding new creations to my Etsy shop. I’m in a beading phase at the moment. Artists are crush prone, and right now I have a huge crush on beads. I just love them. They feel like a set of paints to me. It’s magical. A bowl of beads can become very deliberate and meaningful. The possibilities are endless. At the moment, I’m inspired by tribal designs. So I’m making jewelry (for men/women) that is vibrant, fun and with an ethnic tribal flare. I later want to try making some wall art with beads, more specifically portraits of people. But all things in time! I’ll be making jewelry through spring. Maybe this summer I’ll be more adventurous and make some art. It gives me something to look forward to, something to be excited about. One of the best ways to feel alive is to be excited about something, and even better if it’s just a trifle of a thing.

Direct shop link: THE RAINBOW FARMER

meditation beads

rainbow beaded necklace

tribal beads

messy paint set


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