Preoccupations & Travels


It’s been more than 2 weeks since I posted on this blog. So many things have unexpectedly come up that I had to direct my attention to. We’ll, it’s been longer than that. Being preoccupied with other stuff has been more than 2 weeks. During the months of January & February, so much came up that needed my attention. But March feels different, and I feel different. At the moment I am traveling. And I’ll be traveling for another 10 days. I always liked the feeling of being on the go. The feeling of living out of a bag. The feeling of surrendering to the airlines, airports, train & taxi drivers, and the unknown city streets. I’m reminded that am not in control. That life has a movement, and bliss is when you allow yourself to be moved. It’s not a passive thing, or a feeling of being helpless or defeated, or powerless. It’s not that at all. It’s grace. It’s knowing that you are at your best when you feel fulfilled being an empty & desireless channel. When you simply are. When you allow things to unfold, while following the guidance & direction of your intuitive heart. And the little things, like time, lots of stuff, and a familiar bed matter little.


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