Chaga Tea Recipe: Inonotus obliquus for Good Health!


I like changing my daily routine every so often. At the moment, I’m excited to make chaga mushroom tea a happy event in the early morning hours of each day. It’s brewed in a spicy concoction of cassia, cloves and pepper corns. Sometimes I mix in a bit of nutty tasting brown rice green tea to dilute it.

chaga_tea_recipeI found my chaga (aka Inonotus obliquus) online, from a forager in Vermont. I ordered a large quantity and it came in HUGE hard chunks. It was the most beautiful and most ugly thing I had seen in a long time. Chaga is not a pretty mushroom, but there is something magical about it. Something majestic, deep and earthy — it’s hard to describe it.

This is a chaga tea recipe I plan on trying later this week…

Chaga mushroom pieces
Pau d’ Arco bark pieces
Coconut flakes
Cinnamon stick

Link for more information on How to Make Chaga Tea.


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