Waiting for Mulberries

blond mulberries

The neighborhood I live in is great for many reasons. But there are two distinct things that grow in abundance in my neighborhood, that makes me just love this area to bits!

The first thing, is there are TONS of Ginko trees around here. Amazing! The second thing is a whole lot sweeter, and smells a whole lot better — it’s Mulberries! I just love Mulberries. And they will be growing in abundance towards the end of this season.

So look out for Mulberries this spring. They may be growing around your neighborhood too! They’ll be growing from late spring to early summer. Look for them in 3 – 4 possible colors: white, red, pink, and red to reddish-black.

They taste like little muffin balls. Somewhat bread-like, but very sweet & juicy. They are good!



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