Where Have I Been?

where have i been

That’s the question I have been asking. Where have I been? Why am I not blogging on The Rainbow Farmer blog? I always have the dream & desire to blog frequently here, yet I find my hours drifting & floating away at my Etsy shop.

Regardless, I seem to always blog on Sunday Is For Lovers, and meet my weekly deadline. So there really is no excuse. But here I am, again, with the goal to blog more this year. I really want to! I wish someone could follow me with a video camera, and I could just share vlogs. That would be lovely! Then it would be like we are together — really together — spending days and precious moments; being, consuming & creating. That would be fun!

Lately I’ve been eating lots of locally grown greens (Tatsoi, mostly). As well as my nut butter & apple snack. But lately organic celery & raisins have been added to the mix. I’ve also been loving the days I spend with my dog. Love-love-love it! She’s so divine. She lights me up, inside & out. She’s the most beautiful thing I have ever known or experienced. (A few ephemeral things play a close second, but she takes the cake. Hands down.) I’ve also been enjoying my walks around Black Mountain. Which are usually just an extension or off-shoot of my trips to the post office. I always have things to mail because of my Etsy shops. Did I mention I have more than one? I know, I know, this Etsy thing is getting out of control. But I really love it! And I meet the greatest people on Etsy. It’s such a fun community.

What else? Oh, yah! Of course… HAPPY NEW YEAR! I am wishing you a 2015 beyond your wildest dreams! May you push beyond every imagined boundary. May you see the light that is always inside you, that sometimes gets overshadowed by the busy-ness of daily life. I wish the same for me! And one more thing… may I finally blog regularly here! It’s my big wish for 2015.


2 thoughts on “Where Have I Been?

  1. This site looks great! The pictures are beautiful and also the things you sell. I think I only saw some of them at the very start, somehow didn’t know this was an extra blog. Wishing you lots of success with this! You’re so talented. Much Love to you XOX

    1. Thanks for the encouraging and kinds words, Sita. :) Thank you! I’m trying to blog on this site more often, but haven’t been able to find a good rhythm. I think I may redesign it or transfer it this spring — to start again. I’m not sure. :) But new things will be coming this year for sure.

      Happy Spring!

      Love you,

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