In Tahini Heaven

tahini sauce recipe

No, I’m not in Tahiti heaven, I said I’m in Tahini heaven. Lately I’ve been super into the rich and creamy taste of tahini sauce. I basically make it myself, but I buy the sesame seed butter. It’s the paste, and the base, of the sauce. (I use whatever brands I can find, with a preference for organic. Also, it has to be pure. I want it made of ground sesame seeds, and nothing else.)

This is the basic recipe for my sauce. Well, it’s more like a dressing. I use it to smother and dip lettuce wraps. You can use it for whatever you like! Frankly, I think it’s good on everything.

Keep in mind, that I never measure ingredients. I just ‘feel’ it out, or ‘eyeball’ it. Preparing food is always intuitive and spontaneous for me. I like it to feel like magic.

Tahini Saucy Dressing Recipe:
Tahini paste/butter
apple cider vinegar
spring/filtered water
pink sea salt
plain sweetleaf sweetener
raw/virgin olive oil
hot cayenne pepper
bladderwrack powder
fresh garlic or powder


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