Where did I go?

Etsy Shop

Oh my gosh, I did it again. I was so good about posting regularly, then I disappeared. Grrrr. I hate when I do that. Like I said before, when that happens you can always find me on Sundays — I always blog on Sundays. And for work, you can find me everyday of the week in my Etsy shop. (I’m having a sale! So I’ve been crazy busy with orders.) Plus, I’ve been setting into my new city and my new home. It’s been great! I’m really loving it here. And…. I planted a garden plot, and it’s growing! To see all the little sprouts coming up makes me so happy!

This blog post is just a quick ‘hello’, so that you know I did’t forget about you! I will return to posting here later this week. I’m excited and looking forward to returning. I have lots to share with you! In the meantime, I’ll post links below to both online sites that I mentioned. You can always find me there when I am not here.

Sunday Blog Link
Etsy Shop Link

I love you. :) I hope you’ve been having a happy summer.


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