Bold Move – Day 1 of 92

Bold Move Day 1

This blog post is a continuation of this one, and of this one. It’s the first official entry of my 92 daily blogs. Please view and read the first link I mentioned, otherwise, I’m not sure if this blog post will make sense to you.

This is the ‘developing powerful habits, that bring unexpected spectacular results’ daily routine that I chose to pursue for 92 days straight:

Habit #1: Meditate (20 minutes in the morning & 20 minutes in the evening)

Habit #2: Journal (in the morning) & Blog (in the evening)

Habit #3: Sweat (morning Run for 20 minutes & evening Plyometrics for 20 minutes)

Habit #4: Hydrate (125oz of tonic-style liquids, plus morning & evening herbal tea)

Habit #5: Intermittent Fast (16 hours: 7PM to 1PM — click here for more information)

Habit #6: Make a Bold Move (challenge a fear or lazy moment, and share it with the world)

Habit #7: Create New Work (be creative — make something new, re-vamp something old — make work funner & better & bolder)

Today’s Notes: My bold move and creative work is definitely announcing this 92 day challenge, as well as these blogs posts (this one, and the other on Sunday If For Lovers). I also meditated, journaled and did my IF (Intermittent Fasting). I still need to catch up on liquids, but the day isn’t over yet (I’m writing this at 8:30PM on Sunday, Nov. 1st.)


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