No Excuses – Day 2 of 92

life is short

Life always seems to work this way; when you say you really want something, or declare that you will do something out of your comfort zone — life wants to make sure you really mean it, and it insists that you fight for it!

This morning had a few obstacles, the two major ones were bad weather (heavy rain) and a pressing work deadline. Usually I would say, “Oh, I’ll go for my run tomorrow”. But I couldn’t do that today. I did all that I wanted and needed to do. I met my work deadline –and- I went for a run. I also challenged myself by reaching out to someone that I admire (that is somewhat famous, which makes it feel even more silly & intimidating.) Typically I would never contact or reach out to someone like this, but I knew that I was holding back. There were things that I wanted to share & say, and I was allowing my shyness (fears & laziness) get in the way. So I overcame it, and it felt great! I also listed a few new items in my bead shop. I have so many more to list, but this is a start. Let’s see… what else… The day isn’t complete yet, I still have a few things left for this evening. (I’m writing this at 7PM on Nov. 2nd.) Overall it was a really great day, that had a bit of a rocky start, but wrapped up beautifully. I’m eager for tomorrow!

(If you want to know more about this 92 day journey, you can find Day 1 here. It will fill you in on all the details.)


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