Detox & Tonics – Day 3 of 92

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hot tonic recipe
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Wow, day 3 was much easier than day 2. I can tell my mind is stronger, and less willing to make excuses and go back to old ways. I also feel that the days are passing quickly, which means, I need to be fully present to each day, and not let the challenge fly by, without fully enjoying and putting in a maximum effort.

(If you want to know more about this 92 day journey, you can find Day 1 here. It will fill you in on all the details.)

I got a question from a blog reader, asking what my diet and tonics are like. So I’m going to take the time to answer it in this post — in case others are interested as well.

My diet is mostly vegan and mostly raw. I say mostly, because I do not adhere to a strict vegan lifestyle (which means no animal products at all; including honey, leather, silk, wool, etc.) I don’t have or eat much that isn’t vegan, which means, I do make most of my lifestyle and food choices vegan. It’s always my first choice, and it usually just happens naturally without much of an effort. Example: I don’t go looking for silk blankets or wool hats, but if I had one from years ago, I would still use it (or accept it, if it were a gift). But, if someone offered me meatloaf or steak, I would kindly pass on it. And if I bought an ‘on the go’ (protein or trail-mix) bar, and didn’t realize that there was honey or whey in it, until I was well into eating half the bar (which has happened before) — I wouldn’t much care. I would just keep eating it! And chose a different bar next time. I hope that gives you a better idea of what kind of ‘vegan’ lifestyle I have. It’s a little bit of a loose one. :) That’s why I say ‘mostly’. The lines are a bit blurred.

On a typical day I have a cold green juice or hot medicinal tonic for breakfast (see explanation and examples below), and a huge (it’s a lot! Like, 3 romaine hearts, or 1.5 heads of iceberg, or an entire box of mesclun lettuce) salad for lunch (made of almost all lettuces & herbs, with a tahini dressing), and later in the day I will usually have another hot tonic, a snack (or two), and some tea before bed. The snack varies and usually flows with the seasons. (Often it’s leftovers from my main meal or whatever I happen to have in the fridge.)

The hot tonics that I drink are usually tea based. They often consist of a fat, a sweetener, a spice, and a few medicinal ingredients. I will link below to a few people showing how its done/made via video, and I will also list typical ingredients for hot tonics (also called, elixirs).

I usually take my pick of the following:

Fat: Coconut Oil, Coconut Butter, Almonds or Almond Butter, Flax Seeds, Cacao Butter, Walnuts, Hempseeds (Almonds are by far my favorite fat for tonics, because they make it so milky, but I’m happy with hemp, or whatever is available. Please note: you have to strain your tonic, when you are using whole nuts or seeds with hulls. If you use a butter, no straining is necessary.)

Spices: Cinnamon, Turmeric, Ginger, Clove (I usually prefer ginger or cinnamon, but I use whatever I feel inspired to use in the moment.)

Sweet & Salty Methods: I only use liquid Sweetleaf Stevia as my sweetener, and Peruvian Mountain salt. (The amount I use of salt is very little, just a pinch. I’m much more generous with the sweetener. I would use 1 – 2 droppers full, depending on the cup size. This is the very best brand–>Link. And if you don’t like Stevia, you probably haven’t tried the brand I mentioned! It’s really good, and different from all other stevia brands I have tried. There is no strange aftertaste. It’s delicious. If the idea of stevia turns you off, then try maple syrup or dates. It will give it a super-creamy taste!)

Coffee/Bitter Flavors: Chaga Mushroom, Wormwood, Chicory Root, Dandelion Root, Shilajit (These things have great medicinal properties, but I also pick one (or a few of them) per tonic, because they give it a coffee taste! I love coffee, but it makes me jittery. This way I can make myself a faux coffee tonic, without negative side effects. Except the side effect of good health! :)

Chocolate Flavors: I use raw chocolate, I basically blend cacao nibs into my tonic, and then strain the bits out. If I want to use something more mild and more fine (a fine powder), I use carob. Sometimes I use both! It will turn your tonic into a mocha. It’s super-delicious.

Here are a few links of videos you can check out, of people making tonics:
Video 1, Video 2, Video 3, Video 4.

I’m changing topics now…

Another question I was asked from a blog reader, was about detox. The detox methods I prefer are the following:

No Grains (Stay clear of wheat and anything with gluten in it, and I would avoided the rest of grains as well.

No Dairy (Except high quality pure & plain yogurts, because of the healthy flora it will provide for your gut. You can find really good nut or coconut yogurts, at some of the higher-end food markets. Just make sure it’s higher quality and pure — without added ingredients or sweeteners.)

No Table Salt (Look for Real Salt, that’s the name brand. Pink sea salt and mountain salts are also great. Just stay away from Iodized salts — and the salts used by almost all restaurants. It will bloat you and through your system off.)

No Table Sugar (Stay clear of table sugar. It’s added to more foods than you can imagine. I think maple syrup, coconut palm sugar, stevia, and yacon root are much better choices.)

The last recommendation is… Sleep well, exercise often, and drink a lot of water.

If you can do those 7 things (Saying No to salt, dairy, sugar and grains… and Yes to sleep, hydration and exercise), you will see your life transform before your eyes. You will begin to heal and detox, and over time you will lose your craving for those things. And for meat too! Because often people crave the salt, sugar, grains and dairy that are served in or with meat.

The number of days you do the detox is up to you. Start with 3 days. If you can successfully do three days, then keep trying for more (they key is consecutive days). But be sure to read every label — don’t sell yourself short! Make sure you stick to the plan, so you indeed get a chance to fully detox. If you give yourself a real chance to cleanse your system of these foods, your system will soon prefer life without them — because life will be so much better!

And of course you can always do a juice cleanse, or a water only cleanse, or a master cleanse (spicy lemonade) — but those cleanses don’t create a lifestyle you can sustain. You will drop a lot of weight (and toxins) and gain more -if- you do not have a detoxing or clean lifestyle you can depend on. I think it’s good to clean-up one’s diet a little, and then do more vigorous cleansing as needed.


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