Brass & Beads – Day 5 of 92

african brass beads

Today went well. I was pretty good about crossing things off my to-do list — but… what I didn’t like about the day, is the background noise of complaints. My complaints! In my head the complaints were rolling. (Mostly about my home life, and a few things that have been happening on the property.) I found myself not being present and not being grateful — which is a terrible place to be! I’m so glad I ran across this video today –>link to video. It totally put my day in perspective and got my mind back on track.

Besides watching a video that reminds you of what is truly important, I recommend getting things out of your head and onto paper. (Which is also what I did today.) Stop the complaints, stop wishing you were somewhere else or that life was different, and write down what your desire and plan of action is. After that, put the paper away and move on with the day.

After noticing that my mind train derailed, and after getting it back on track — the day was really sweet. It was a lovely day. I did drink more. I did get a workout in. I ate well. I stuck to my intermittent fasting hours. I did get new creative work done (see pics of new beads in my shop!) And I did make a bold move. I did what I did the other day, which is speaking my mind without holding back! It was something I couldn’t do for years, and I love that it’s been breaking loose lately.

Tomorrow the goal is to do well with intermittent fasting again, and everything else again, but to do better with my stretching & strength training (the plyometric work). I also want to bask in a state of gratitude tomorrow, and be all about action (instead of reacting to things emotionally, or in my mind with complaints). I want my day to be about movement — getting things unstuck and keeping things fluid. I want my day (and life) to flow! Like happy feet dancing, or like a runner in the zone.

(If you want to know more about this 92 day journey, you can find Day 1 here. It will fill you in on all the details.)

african style beadsbell charmsbrass cage beadsgray moss agate beadsethnic tribal brass beadspink srystal beads


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