Say Yes – Day 16 of 92

my life work - say yes

Today I made the illustration I posted above. It’s a reminder for me, to be brave and to courageously start my new business. I also spent time brainstorming and sketching in my journal. I don’t have a clear vision of my business yet, just lots of ideas and half-baked plans that I am trying to flesh out and finalize. Part of me is excited and so ready to try something new. The other part of me is kicking & screaming, and holding back in every way. I just want to tell that overly cautious part of myself to surrender. To say yes to adventure. To not worry about if later I will change my mind, or if it will be more work than I think, or if something else is waiting for me in my future.  In the end, it really doesn’t matter. As a creative person, and as a human being, I think we have to remember that all we have is process. We can never be sure what tomorrow will bring (or even today!), but we can make the most of having the opportunity of presence. The practice of being present in your life. The gift of being able to live, and try things, and learn, and feel, and all the gifts that process brings. There is no destination to this trip (this life, this journey, this work, this relationship), there is only each step, day after day. That’s it. And if we can not relish that, then we are in store for some major disappointment. Everyone that has ever ran a marathon knows that the end wasn’t the most exciting part of the race, or the big reward. The reward, the gift, the greatest part, was each little thing that made up the whole — and the whole goes on to be made. We run the race for the experience, for the process, for the personal growth, for the adventure. Not for the finish line. Not for some feeling of “you are meant to do this, and this is all there is”. You do it because you are inspired to, knowing damn well — this race, this finish line is not all there is! To simply be present to the gift of the process is what life is all about! It is what is. It is the mystery and the magic that is life. So it’s important that we start that new business, new painting, new race, new hairdo, new job, new relationship. Take on whatever adventure you feel inspired to take on. But know that it isn’t the end, there is no completeness in it. It will only be a process, a journey, a practice. Embrace each step, don’t worry about finding completeness or perfection, or getting to the end for the gold metal or seal of approval. There isn’t one! Embrace that. Just feel grateful and excited for what each day, each step brings. It brings you a gift.

Today went well. I did my run, but I didn’t strength train. I also didn’t drink/hydrate enough. I was bold today, I did my intermittent fasting, I did my creative work, etc. I was pretty good about the entire to-do list. Tomorrow I need to do some photography and do better regarding drinking more liquids and getting some strength work in. That’s the goal for tomorrow. See you then!

(If you want to know more about this 92 day journey, you can find Day 1 here. It will fill you in on all the details.)


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