My Vision – Day 21 of 92

vision board goalsvision board

I am so tired. I have no idea how it became 2AM. Where did the day go? I can’t believe I am up this late! I’ve got to go to bed. I’m going to write this update very quickly. Sleep is way over due.

Today went well and it was super productive. I did really well on my to do list. I did do that mala photo shoot, as I promised. I also shot a bunch of other things, including the vision board on my wall.

The vision board is just a general idea of what I would like to see and how I would like to feel. There are mountains and oceans, colors and positive reminders. Below the board is a monthly list of basic goals, it changes month to month. There is also a little paper sasquatch guy, that stands on the dry erase board. He’s like my spirit animal or mascot. His job is to inspire me and cheer me on. (His arm feel off the other day. I guess that means he might have over cheered himself.)

I hope you like the pics! :) I’ll write more tomorrow. Off to bed I go…

IMG_8424vision board artIMG_8432


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