Counting Beads – Day 23 of 92

white yoga mala
I’m still sorting through the mala photo shoot I did a few days ago, but I’ll include a few pics today. I will list this batch of tassel necklaces in the shop tomorrow. I always use beads from my bead shop, so you can find the beads I used there. (If you feel inspired to make some malas of your own.)

I had a great day today. I would definitely say that I was brave and creative, and exercised and ate healthy. I’m still slacking on hydration, so I will make it my number one goal tomorrow. I also want to give my work a big push tomorrow, because I still feel that it needs more momentum. My goal is to get all my bead stock listed and lots of new malas made, and then focus on some new business ideas. I can’t begin anything new until I get everything off my current plate, so to speak. That means, I need to take care of/complete what I started, before I take on new projects that involve a lot of work (which includes time & money).

I hope all of you had a super day. Remember that you are loved and that your life is special. Live it, love it and share it. I’m telling you that as a reminder for me too. I forget how important connection & contribution is. And I definitely want to do much more of it in the coming year.

Love you! :) See you tomorrow…

(If you want to know more about this 92 day journey, you can find Day 1 here. It will fill you in on all the details.)

108 beads malapink yoga mala


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