How Amazing – Day 25 of 92

best ever - rainbow happy dayHow does it happen? How does a bad time turn into a good time overnight? Nothing has changed. It’s still cold, wet and snowing outside. I’m still dealing with the same issues I was dealing with yesterday. Everything appears to be exactly the same. Yet somehow, something is different. Somehow, everything feels perfect. Does this come from a sense of grace — from being able to surrender? I believe it does. I think yesterday I was fighting. In my mind, I was fighting with the cold, fighting with what wasn’t going well at work, fighting with my bills that need to be paid. I was fighting with life. No one wins through fighting. At least not in my mind.

So like I mentioned above, today was fabulous. It felt like a clear summer day, or a day of green pastures and rainbows! But it was gray and cloudy and wet, and full of things I wanted to change, but couldn’t. Isn’t that interesting? I find it fascinating! As planned, I did do better with drinking more liquids, I did exercise (although not as much as I usually do). I did get creative work done, and I was bold today. I’m pretty happy with everything I crossed off the list. The goal tomorrow is to have fun, but still be productive. (It’s a holiday!) I want to spend some time outdoors exercising (because everyone will be indoors, and I love it when the streets are empty & quiet.) I also want to get a lot of creative work in (either beading or painting, I’m not sure which yet.)

Off I go… see you tomorrow! Have a fabulous holiday! (But don’t eat Turkeys. Let them live. They will be so thankful if you eat something else and allow them to be with their families. They want the same things you do.)

(If you want to know more about this 92 day journey, you can find Day 1 here. It will fill you in on all the details.)


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