So Super – Day 27 & 28 of 92

be freeI didn’t get to write yesterday. It was a really super day, but I can’t go into detail. Just know that I had a blast! I was being me and I was being free. The day flew by, as each day does that I live fully. I had a fantastic time. :)

Today I had a good run in the morning. My dog did good on her ‘run’ as well. (She’s a tiny old lady chihuahua with short spindly legs. So she doesn’t run fast. But lately I think she is picking up speed — like, maybe a speed of 6 blocks per hour. For her that’s fast & far!) We usually have to divide our workouts, because I like to go faster and longer than she does. Regardless of our differences, we try to get out there everyday. We always feel better for it.

Can you believe it’s day 28? Where has the time gone! 92 days is really not much at all. I will definitely need to keep this up past 92 days. I still feel like I’m finding my rhythm. I’m feeling the music, but haven’t found my groove just yet. I’m having fun though. :)

(If you want to know more about this 92 day journey, you can find Day 1 here. It will fill you in on all the details.


One thought on “So Super – Day 27 & 28 of 92

  1. Hi Everyone! My name is Dana and I’m super excited to join the 3 Month Adventure challenge today. I will be posting daily update on The Rainbow Farmer and at

    Like most truth seekers, I’ve been on this quest for spiritual enlightenment for a long time, spending unusual amounts of money and time on external things, such as: literature, travel, gurus, diets, religions, philosophies, seminars, retreats, personal coaching … you name it. Although, I now know my spiritual enlightenment comes from within and then reflects outward, I am well aware that other people can bring out the best in me. I look forward to us supporting each other on our personal endeavors. My new habits for the next 92 days are:

    Habit 1: Complete at least one task of my book everyday.

    Two years ago, I started writing a math dictionary that consolidated key math skills and concepts that I have used in my professional career. Working a demanding full-time job was just the excuse I needed to delay my project.

    Habit 2: Do a mental inventory everyday to create a judgement free mind.

    Recently, my spouse and I were driving and someone cut us off, almost causing an accident. I was so upset that I cursed and made a derogatory statement about the other driver. I could tell my partner was disappointed in how I reacted. My energy and self-esteem plummeted, which was a sure sign from nature that I need to check my thinking.

    Habit 3: Eat a kidney-friendly diet.

    A close friend of mine was diagnosed with stage 5 chronic kidney disease. She was informed that she did not qualify for a kidney transplant and would spend the rest of her life on dialysis. Two weeks ago, she had to be resuscitated by paramedics. So in support, I made a pact with her that I would eat a kidney-friendly diet, which limits the consumption of high potassium foods. My friend follows an omnivore diet and I eat primarily a low fat vegan diet. The dilemma is that I have been on a primarily low fat RAW vegan diet since 2009 and have no plans on changing that. Most of my meals include bananas and leafy greens, both of which contain significant amounts of potassium.

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