Gaining Momentum – Day 29 of 92

momentum dream lifeBoy, am I feeling the love. This always happens. When I start something, I feel a bit scared, I feel alone and I feel doubtful. But then I do it anyway. Within time, the Universe begins to send me all kinds of magic & support. It doesn’t come right away, it usually comes after I have made up my mind. Only after I say, “I don’t care what happens, or how hard it is, or how well I do — this will be done.” At that point the Universe says, “Oh wow, she’s serious. I better send her some love & support.” After that, books start appearing, people start showing up, I see the right things at the right time, I end up having more than I think I need — it all just comes together. That is how this 92 day challenge has been unfolding. It’s only 29 days in, and already my life has changed like never before. It’s really mind-blowing for me. It really shows me how powerful & beautiful life can be when one makes up their mind.

Don’t stop here, jump over to Sunday Is For Lovers. I think you will really dig today’s blog post. It’s definitely a motivator. If you need encouragement or energy right now, it will give it to you! The blog post I want you to read is titled, You are a Badass.

Thanks for reading my blogs. I really appreciate it. Thank you!

See you tomorrow! …Love you.

(If you want to know more about this 92 day journey, you can find Day 1 here. It will fill you in on all the details.


2 thoughts on “Gaining Momentum – Day 29 of 92

  1. Aimee, it’s so great to read about all the amazing experiences and insights emerging during your 92 day challenge! Just read your Sunday post and wanted to thank you for sharing your discoveries on both blogs.

    Best to you as you continue your adventures!

    1. Thank you, Tam! :) I’m always so happy to see your name in the comments, and so-so-so-very grateful we’ve been staying connected via my blogs through the years. It’s something I’m extremely grateful for. :) It makes me happy.
      Wishing you a fantastic holiday season, as well as a badass start to the new year!
      Love, high-fives & good cheer,

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