Be Eat Love – Day 30 & 31 of 92

be eat loveAh, the last two days were great. I feel like I’ve been connecting so deeply with people. It’s been really amazing. One example is my reconnecting with two of my best friends (from New York, I’ve known them for 20 years.) We are starting a group coaching program. It’s to help each other reach the next level of our dreams and have a fantastic 2016. The whole process is very exciting and a little scary. I feel like we are already having breakthroughs and we just begun.

Progress on my daily 92 day to-do list has been good. I’ve been getting so much done, including staying hydrated. Now, there seems to be only one area that I have been really slacking on, and that is sleep. I need to get to bed earlier — much earlier. Not enough sleep is never a good thing. It’s my goal for this entire week. Also, plenty of greens. I always try to get in lots of greens daily. I was gifted a jar of wheatgrass powder. So I’d like to include that in my daily routine this week as well.

(If you want to know more about this 92 day journey, you can find Day 1 here. It will fill you in on all the details.


2 thoughts on “Be Eat Love – Day 30 & 31 of 92

  1. Hi Rainbow Farmer. I agree, a restful night’s sleep can leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated. Thanks for the reminder of the importance of getting enough sleep. Remember to: (1) Stay focused on your goals. (2) Remain persistent (unrelenting), and (3) Control your thoughts and emotions. I look forward to reading your update tomorrow.

    1. Thanks! Yes, you have me thinking… I’m going to revisit my original goals & intentions. I want to refocus and refine them — in order to stay focused & persistent. Thanks for the reminder! It helps a lot.

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