Refocus & Recommit – Day 32 of 92

refocus & recommit

As you can see I’m 1/3rd into the 92 day challenge. It’s hard to believe, because the time went by so quickly. Today I want to reexamine the challenge and update it (just slightly). I’m doing this in order to make the last 2/3rds of the challenge more powerful and effective. I feel that I’ve been going slightly off course and I want to reel myself back in. I also want to remind myself of a few of the habits I feel I forget/neglect from time to time.

To see the original intention & goal of the 92 day journey, you can find Day 1 here. It will fill you in on all the details. Below I will list quickly my latest revision.

Habit #1: Meditate (20 minutes in the morning)

Habit #2: Blog (20 minutes in the evening)

Habit #3: Sweat (20 minute run in a fasted state)

Habit #4: Hydrate (100oz of tonic-style liquids)

Habit #5: Intermittent Fast (16 hours: 7PM to 1PM)

Habit #6: Make a Bold Move (challenge a fear or lazy moment, and share it with the world)

Habit #7: Create New Work (be creative — make something new, re-vamp something old — make work funner & better & bolder)

I only tweaked it just slightly. I changed a few of the numbers/times.

I also want to publicly recommit to Habits #1, #4 and #8 again. I feel that I’ve been slacking in those areas.

:) Dream big, work hard, have fun and stay committed to your most awesome life. See you tomorrow!


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