New Again – Day 33 of 92

New Again Rainbow

Today has been so interesting. I was flooded with so many new ideas and creative directions. I’m really excited about them. Lately I’ve been super-inspired by things that I was madly in love with as a child. Examples are Lisa Frank & Betty Boop stickers. The quickest glimpse of them instantly makes me feel childlike again. It just shows me how all this ‘peace, love & rainbows’ has been a fixation of mine since I was a youth. This is nothing new! It’s just new again because I am revisiting the old.

Another revisit of the old and something I can consider as a ‘bold move’: I consulted an astrologer (that loves to give romantic compatibility readings) about my ex-boyfriend dilemma. (My ex-boyfriend & I have had talks about getting back together. But he lives 3,000 miles away, so I don’t think it’s an easy choice or possible for me at this time.) She had really good things to say (both negative & positive) and I found her reading very helpful. I’m glad I asked her for advice. I’m still not moving or making a decision right now, but it always helps to have more information to work with and consider/factor in.

In addition to creative ideas and bold moves, the day went great. Not ideal, but great. I had to exercise indoors today (instead of my usual outdoor morning run), because it was raining super-hard today and the wind was whipping things in all sorts of directions. My run was sorely missed, but I look forward to running tomorrow and I hope the day is clear and rain-free (or clear enough for a quick run.)

I’ll see you on Friday! :) More very-very soon….

(If you want to know more about this 92 day journey, you can find Day 1 here. It will fill you in on all the details.


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