More & Better – Day 57 & 58 of 92

Have More Better

Yesterday was a bit of a hustle day. I felt tired. Really tired. But I think it was do to mental exhaustion, not so much physical. I always find that physically it is rare to feel drained or totally spent. But it’s quiet easy to feel mentally spent — which leads to feeling physically tired. It’s interesting how much comes from the mind, but is viewed as something tangible and physical in the body (or world.)

Today I am feeling much-much better (mentally & physically.) Because I put much of what was brewing in my mind to rest. I love-love-love getting things off my to-do list and out of my thoughts/mind. I like to be clear and keep things clear. It’s always a better feeling and leads to much brighter days and much more energy.

What I was present to:
I’m present to how helpful sharing with people is. I love this daily blog, and the friends that have also started daily blogs for a 92 day challenge. I always feel so encouraged by their daily updates and life challenges. I feel the same about my coaching group that I am a part of. Without that kind of accountability and connection, I don’t know where I would be. I feel so much more ‘on purpose’ and authentic when I am accountable to them.

What I did today:
Oh gosh… let’s see… I cleaned my place like never before. I felt like it needed a little face-lift and reboot. I wish I could do more for it, but what I did today gives it a fresh feeling. I also exercised and ate well, but I definitely didn’t drink enough. Tomorrow I will really need to drink up and start early (it’s the best way to make sure I’m hydrated.) I met with my coaching group today. I packed and sent off Etsy orders. I got all caught up on returning emails. …and more.

What I learned:
I learned that I need to do more with less. Sometime I catch myself dreaming about what I wish I had, and how much I would do with it if I had it. It really is nonsense. Because there is SO MUCH that I am not doing with what I have right now! And what someone does with little they do with much. So if you want more/better… do more/better with what you have first! And that will bring you more/better. I really do think that is the key to lasting success & abundance.

Be grateful. Honor what you have been given. Make the most of it. If you can master that, then more/better is on the way! :)

What I shared:
I shared lots of opinions and thoughts today.

What I loved:
I loved connecting with my friends, and with people in general.

What I know:
I know that the more I give the more I have. And when I feel like I have little, it means I’ve been giving little. I’m very clear on this.

(If you want to know more about this 92 day journey, you can find Day 1 here. It will fill you in on all the details.)


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