2016 Vlogs – Day 61 & 62 of 92

making vlogs

Believe it or not… I made my first vlog! You can view in on Sunday Is For Lovers. It’s not impressive, really.. it’s nothing special. The point was to simply begin. Since I’m a complete novice, I had to start somewhere — which is right at the beginning. You’ll get the full picture when you check out the blog post. It will fill you in on everything.

What I was present to:
Today was great — but nerve-racking! I made videos today. Part of me wanted to, and the other part of me was dying to stay in bed and hide under the covers. My comfort zone is usually to be low-key and away from all cameras. As I get older, I realize that I need to break out of the ‘shy mold.’ It’s an old way of being, and it doesn’t serve anyone.

What I shared:
I shared myself via video, which is a huge leap for me.

What I loved:
I loved a little latte drink I made today. I also really liked taking diatomaceous earth. I mixed it into the latte-like drink when I prepared it. There was no taste to DE at all. If anything, it might have given my drink a more creamy appearance and feel. I’m taking DE because I have always read such great things about it. In addition to that, I’m fully aware that most people carry an excess of unwanted parasites in their body. So I’d like to keep that in check the best I can. You can read a little about it via this link.

As a last note before I go… I’m still on track with my 92 day challenge. Every day I’ve been trying to be bold and creative, as well as mindful and healthy. So far so good. I’d say getting enough sleep has been the biggest challenge for me. Different things threw off my sleeping pattern. My dog being ill was the biggest one — definitely. But other things have gotten in the way as well. I have one more month left to the challenge. During that month I want to stay on top of sleep and hydration. I really feel that those two things are the most important things we can get a good handle on. They should always be top priority. Sadly, for most people they are last on the list and very easy to neglect. This is why I will work on it and make proper sleep and hydration an ingrained habit. Also, after the 92 day challenge ends, I will continue daily blogging. I’m not sure if it will be here, or on another blog I will create. Whatever I decide to do, I will definitely keep you posted.

(If you want to know more about this 92 day journey, you can find Day 1 here. It will fill you in on all the details.)


2 thoughts on “2016 Vlogs – Day 61 & 62 of 92

  1. Sleep and hydration is a priority for me too. I’m STOKED about your new vlog. Can’t wait to watch it; going over there now.

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