Like Candy – Day 63 & 64 of 92


Oh my goodness. It’s so good! Over the winter season I discovered a new snack. (Not new ingredients for me, just a new way of eating them.) It’s so simple. Gojis & Walnuts. That’s it! I take a piece of a walnut (like 1/2 or 1/4) and I put it in my hand with 4 goji berries. Then I pop it in my mouth! That’s it. And it tastes like candy to me. It’s so good! It’s super satiating, because it’s like a fat & protein combination, with just a hint of sweetness. Nothing else is needed, just gojis and walnuts. And a handful is all you need.

What I was present to:
I was present to how much I needed to catch up on sleep. For two days in a row I turned off my alarm clock and I went to bed at 10PM sharp. It’s was the best feeling ever! :) It felt good to sleep.

What I did today:
Today was really busy. It was mostly filled with shop orders that had to go out. I worked 14 hours today. I did exercise, I did eat well, I did drink plenty — so I’m still on track.

What I learned:
I learned that fear is blinding. The more I challenge my fears, the more clarity I get. It’s pretty amazing — and actually very simple. Get fears out of your way, and you instantly remove roadblocks you didn’t know were there. “I’m not sure” and “I don’t know” are sometimes the result of “I’m too afraid to see.”

What I shared:
I shared my truth and expressed my needs. I also shared my love and enthusiasm. As well as my craftwork and creativity.

What I loved:
Walnuts & goji berries. :)

What I know:
I know that life gets better with each passing year. For me it does. I didn’t like my childhood, or my teen years, or my young adult hood. But I’m loving being an adult, and moving into middle aged-ness is even better! I’m going to be 41 this month, and I’m so excited about it! :)

(If you want to know more about this 92 day journey, you can find Day 1 here. It will fill you in on all the details.)


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