Not Recommended – Day 89, 90, 91, 92 of 92

thinking not recommended

My last blog post mentioned that I was reading the book #GIRLBOSS. It also mentioned that I didn’t have an opinion on it, because I just started the book. I do not recommend it! There, I said it. Not recommended. I don’t think #GIRLBOSS is a bad book, its a fine book! It’s just wasn’t the ‘adult’ book I was hoping for. I think the book is better suited for (and should be marketed to) teens and tweens, not full-grown adults. It’s more of a fashion and career memoir, than a practical business book for adult entrepreneurs looking for business insights.

Okay, enough about books! :) Let’s talk about the 92 day challenge coming to a close! I honestly didn’t realize that today was the last day. It caught me completely by surprise. I think what I would like to do is this… Actually… I want to keep it a secret until Friday! (Because I have to do a few things to prepare.) On Friday I will announce what is next. It will be a form of daily (or almost daily) updates/posts, but it will be on a different medium/platform. I haven’t decided where, I have a few ideas. I’m going to experiment over the next few days to see what is best. I’ll get it ready for you and share the news here on Friday.

What I was present to:
How fast time flies.

What I did today:
Today was filled with Etsy work, as usual. It’s 10:20PM, and I’ll easily work for another hour or two. The weather was chilly today, I only did a leisurely walk in the afternoon. It wasn’t much of a workout. My food was quite simple: cooked winter squash for one meal, and the other was a tofu & rice nori roll.

What I learned:
I feel that good work always looks more effortless than it really is. The actual work might not be hard, but what lead up to that work is often tremendous and laborious. I often look at people and think, “Oh, that looks great! I would like to do something like that.” Meanwhile, I am clueless to all that comes with it, and before it, and after it.

What I shared:
This blog post. :) And my feelings.

What I loved:
I loved beading today. It was so meditative and relaxing. I also had a great time with my furry pal Pen-Pen, and all of my friends online.

What I know:
Life to me is like a game of Russian dolls. Either that or peeling an onion. It’s worlds within worlds, and the lessons are never ending. It could either feel like the movie Groundhog Day, with Bill Murray (Side note: I believe the real Groundhog’s Day is tomorrow! seriously), or a the most interesting-suspenseful-sweet movie we could ever imagine, or sometimes a combination of the two. :) A great life is in the eye of the beholder. We are a reflection of what we see and feel. I truly believe that. To me, life gets really interesting when we stretch the boundaries of who we think we are or see ourselves to be. I could go on and on… but I have to get back to work! :) I’ll see you on Friday!

Love you! Thanks for being on this crazy journey with me.

(If you want to know more about this 92 day journey, you can find Day 1 here. It will fill you in on all the details.)


8 thoughts on “Not Recommended – Day 89, 90, 91, 92 of 92

    1. THANKS, Dude! :) Yay! Thank you.
      Don’t stop yours though. I’m going to keep going, it will be on a new format (more news on that soon.) But keep your ball rolling, don’t stop until you get to 92! It’s a promise you made to you. Make sure you follow through, even if it’s not perfect. Perfection is the enemy of all things good. Go for good! This world needs more authentic people striving to be good and do good — in their own unique ways. We need you. :) Xx!

      1. Thanks!!! I needed that. Basically nothing made sense to me until I repeated to myself to fully surrender to what is there, to surrender to service. That was early this morning. I keep taking my awareness there. Wow! Funny how there are little ego jabs and fears and desires yet mostly not my core. So I will continue. Love you!!! :))

  1. Yes, always be sweet to yourself. The ego-jabs, fears and doubts are part of being human — but you have to make sure you are loved unconditionally (by you) and receive 1,000,000 chances to explore your humanity! This means, surrendering to times that don’t meet your expectations (your expectations of yourself, or others, or the world, or life in general.) Things will get sticky and disappointing. But you have to return to the sweet spot: the place in yourself that you call home — the lighthouse — the bed of feathers to fall into. Surrender will bring you there immediately. Surrender is synonymous with beingness (to me.) Surrendering to your human-ness, vulnerability, tough-days, joyous moments, to the great silence and simplicity that is always available — being grateful for the little things that are actually big things — all of this is a dance with surrender. We can practice this and get better at it. We can create more of it. It’s like playing connect the dots. The accumulated dots begin to form a picture and a path. It’s very exciting! Keep practicing this with me. :) The more the merrier. It makes for lots of good times (and lots of ah-ha’s.)

    I love you! :)

    1. My goal is to blog daily — to keep the basic habit of blogging/writing up, sort of like a daily journal (for all of 2016.) But I’ve been hit and miss! I’m still working on it though. I’m going to keep the updates coming, even if I miss a few days.

  2. My next 3 Month Adventure will start in 2 weeks. But I am not going to blog it. I want to spend more time on my business. I will document everything in my journal though.

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