The Rainbow Farmer Evolves

yoga malas boho rings

So much is brewing in my head! I have so many ideas and so much I want to do (regarding work, health, home, creativity, relationships, etc..) All of this will take time and lots of methodical baby steps. I’m going to revamp this website, as well as create a new one. I also need to revamp my Etsy shops (The Rainbow Farmer and Black Mountain Rainbow.) In addition to that, I want to become more active in social media as well as vlogging (candid video making.) So please be patient with me. And please know that I am working on it all inch-by-inch and day-by-day. This coming Friday (February 5th), I will announce a few changes I’ve put in place. The rest will happen throughout the year. My goal is to have it all pretty much up-and-running by summer 2016. If you need to reach me with ideas, suggestions or feedback (or to just to say hello! I love hellos), you can do it through my contact page. I’m always happy to hear from you. Until then, just know that The Rainbow Farmer will be evolving like a caterpillar in a cocoon. Except, I’ll be out-n-about giving play-by-plays of the whole process. I won’t be hidden! 2016 is going to be an exciting year. Stay with me, we are going to have a great time. :) Xx.

boho beads and vintagethe rainbow farmer


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