Business as usual…(with more slowly brewing)

as usual brewing

Did say I was going to report some exiting news & big changes today? Well… I lied. Maybe not lied, but spoke too soon. I wasn’t able to get it together or get the clarity I needed (on a few core decisions.) It might take some time (obviously more time than I thought.) Until then… I’m back! :) I will be posting here daily (or somewhat daily) as usual. Yay!

Changes, ideas and creativity will still be brewing. I’ll just reveal it little by little (as it’s ready.) So stay tuned. It’s coming. But until then, I’ll be here. (And probably after then too.)

Today was a super-busy day. Jam packed. Every minute of it. It was fun! (A little stressful because of time restraints, but mostly fun.) Dr. David Jubb was in town. I used to go to his lectures years ago, back when he had Jubb’s Longevity in NYC. It felt so good to see him and be in his presence/energy again. It felt like old times (old good times.) He’s such a rare being. He just beams (literally) with life and knowledge — and always wants to share it. He’s also very entertaining and funny. If there was a movie about his life, I would hire Jonny Deep or Gene Wilder to play him. A combination of the two would be even better! It’s kind of like… Willy Wonka meets Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean), plus the scientist from back to the future — that’s David!


2 thoughts on “Business as usual…(with more slowly brewing)

  1. I miss Jubb’s Longevity. Remember when NYC had all those lectures and presentations and small ‘hole in the wall’ vegan restaurants?

    1. Yes, that was a cool time for me. So much to experience and explore. I met so many great people during that phase and during my time in NYC. I really had a blast and learned a lot. It was a big growth spurt for me. :) Lots of mental expansion and food (and fasting) exploration.

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