super sweet

Today was fantastic. I had a super-sweet day today, and it’s not over yet. I’ll be working late doing some writing for Sunday (for my blog post on SIFL.)

The weather earlier (it’s almost 8pm now) was spring-like. I was loving every minute of it! I was so happy to feel a (somewhat) warm sun! Ahhhh… best feeling ever. It was also fun to run across a grass field with Pen (my dog.) We had a blast.

I also ate a yummy tempeh sandwich. The raw red onions in it hit the spot! They gave the sandwich the right amount of life and kick. I rarely eat sandwiches. But I’ll do it as a special occasion to-go food. (I’m not a big fan of bread, but it’s the easiest food to grab when on the go.)

Let’s see, what else… ah! Yes! The blog design is new. :) I hope you like it. I was happy to make a change. The blog revamp feels much better to me. It feels like a fresh start.

That’s it for today! See you tomorrow or super-soon…

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2 thoughts on “Super-Sweet

  1. Ummm sounds good. I’ve never had tempeh before. What does it taste like. A few times a month, Ron (my partner) and I will eat a grain (like bread, pasta or rice). We do this to avoid our bodies from becoming so sensitive to foods. See, we travel a lot and some of the cities and countries we visit do not have organic veggies and fruits, so we have to eat the best choices available. By the way, I am allergic to the pesticides on most commercial fruits so I have to be very very careful. I cannot tell you how many times I have gotten anaphylactic shock. I’m also allergic to meat and seafood, which is why became a vegetarian as a kid.

    1. Tempeh is great! It tastes nothing like tofu, but it’s hard to describe. It’s kind of the consistency of a slice of meat or meatloaf, or a firm cheese, or grilled mushroom. The taste also depends on how it’s prepared. It can taste like BBQ, or pesto, or curry — it all depends on what you like. The texture and overall taste and adaptability is all really great. It’s fermented, so it’s also easier to digest and better assimilated in your system.

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