She’s Back :) with spring beads…

bright mala beadspink tassel necklacewhite mala beadsspring mala beadsspring tassel neckalce

Here I go, like the ebb and flow of ocean waves. I sometimes disappear from this blog, but I always return! (And like I’ve mentioned before, I always pop out of the mole hole on Sunday, but you’ll have to hop over to Sunday Is For Lovers to see me.)

This week (and beyond) I’ll be posting new listings in my Etsy shops like crazy. Before all this current madness, I was beading like a breeze; beads pouring into strings. And now, it’s the hard part. I’m always a good beader, but I’m terrible at taking photos and presenting them in my shop. For some reason, I always drag my feet on that part. So the new inventory will unfold over the next few weeks, both here and in the shops (The Rainbow Farmer and Black Mountain Rainbow.) Finally. I can’t believe I’ve been taking so long. It’s shameful.

All has been well with me & Pen (my lil’ sidekick.) She’s been in good health, so I feel very lucky for that. We’ve been enjoyed the warmer weather that has been happening. I’m so thrilled and grateful to be able to wear tank tops outside again! Yay! And Penny has been jacket free. I’m sure she is happy about that. She does seem to be having more fun and more energy since the temperatures have gone up.

I hope you’ve been having a ball too, and have been enjoying all of the flowers that have been popping up. Spring is officially here!


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