Gotta Love Sundays

gotta lovewhite small dog

Sometimes I feel like I live for the weekends. Not because I have a Monday through Friday job, and not because I don’t work on the weekends — but because I do a lot of ‘me’ work on the weekends. I always write for my Sunday Is For Lovers blog post (which I usually do on Saturdays), and Sundays I catch up on work and prepare for the week ahead. But I also use Sundays for extra quiet and reflection time. The neighborhood and the streets are empty, and things feel more at peace. I love times like that, when I can fully hear wind chimes and branches blow. I love to cuddle in bed with my dog and feel held by the Universe. It’s such a good feeling.

This is a link to today’s post on Sunday Is For Lovers, it’s titled From The Inside Out. I think you’ll really enjoy it.


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