Beads & More Beads…

IMG_9876IMG_9986summer bead strands 2

I’m loving beads again. Sometimes it goes in waves… my mind gets preoccupied with other things, things that I think I should be focused on… and then, I return to beads again and again… beading and thinking, beading and being, beading and loving… repeat, repeat.

For me, beads are a meditation practice. Not only do I count 108 beads day after day (for my jewelry shop malas, and bead shop too), but I also like to bead in a spontaneous way, as I listen or watch things that inspire me.

This is how I do it: I get out a bunch of seed bead colors, then I grab a handful of red (and string them until every bead is strung), and then I take a pinch of pink, then a splash of gold, then back to red again… and I keep going until my heart says stop. No two strands are alike and each one has their own personality. This is my favorite way to bead. It’s very fulfilling and it puts me in the most creative and joyful mood. I love it. :)


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