Girl on Fire

girl on fire quote

Wow, what a difference a friend makes. This week I’ve been linked to an accountability buddy. I have a friend in Berlin Germany that I email everyday with a progress check-in (I let her know if I completed my goal at the end of each work day.) I told her for 3 weeks straight I would email her to let her know if I reached my daily goal of working on creative projects for 3 hours (minimum.) This has helped me so much! It’s really lit a fire under me. I went from slowly getting things done, to really plowing through my to-do lists. After 7 days my work and life has improved so much. I know two more weeks will fly by. I’m going to ask her if she’ll let me check in with her for all of April. I can only imagine all that will get done! It’s going to be a fabulous (and fiery) month.


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