Where did it go?





IMG_0487Wow, time flies. I can’t believe the month of April is now over? This Saturday is the last day of the month. I have not been good about posting blog updates. I know I always say this, but if you are ever looking for me, and you don’t find me here, come and see me at Sunday Is For Lovers. I am there every Sunday, rain or shine.

This month has been so busy for me. Nothing alarming or exciting really, just lots of catching up to do. I’ll post some pictures from my bead shop here (posted above.) I just took them this week. This whole month I was focusing mostly on my bead shop. After I get it fully stocked the focus will be on my jewelry shop. Then… (*drum roll*)… I’ll focus on a new business, a new product/goal. First I wanted to get what I already had in the way of work sorted. After I feel that it’s rolling smoothly, I’ll throw new projects and ideas into the mix. It’s all very exciting… and nerve-racking.

Stay tuned! :) News will be shared soon (sometimes in streams, sometimes in trickles) on this blog and on my Sunday blog. And don’t forget, you can always email me and chat with me that way. I’d love to hear from you! Happy almost May 1st. :) Xx.


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