This is the dictionary’s definition of what Activism means:

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I have my own way. Being an activist for me means only one thing: that I live what I know & that I share it with others. And what I know is that almost all human suffering is self-imposed. We can say whatever we want about what someone else has done to us, but I promise you it’s not more than you have done to yourself.

If we look at our global crises. If we take a good look at mankind’s future potential for survival: all of the death & destruction of animal species, rainforests, oceans, farming soil, drinking water, everything, including the air that we breathe — we can look at humans as the cause. If we look at war, or famine, or poverty, or violence, or injustice, we can look at humans as the cause. Any confusion, misuse, greed or abuse comes from one’s own self-harm first, & then it creates a vicious cycle. There is a sickness of the mind. In order to heal our surroundings, we must heal ourselves. We are the cause of suffering.

Nothing happens separate from anything else. So as you take responsibility for your own suffering, for you own doings, & for your own mind, you will also be accountable for what is around you. Look within for solutions & answers, but see those insights manifesting outside of you. Make known who you are: share love; share a helping hand; share resources; share knowledge; share whatever it is that would be a meaningful contribution for you. Because whether you know it or not, you are always contributing to your environment & to the world. It can either be your cynicism, indifference, resignation, denial, or laziness — or it can be your love, gratitude, resources, awareness, patience, effort, presence, or talent. Whatever it is, it is up to you. It is always up to you — & it is always for you.

For me I feel that my creative work & my “voice” is how I serve, how I contribute, & how I make a difference. Most of this work is by donation only so that it reaches as many people as possible. I may do other activist-like activities, but I follow my heart & I allow them to be spontaneous & genuine. I don’t do anything because I feel that I “should” or because it fits into a stereotype of what people think being an activist means. I do what is me being me, I do what feels right at each moment.

I encourage everyone to share who they are & to do what they feel is right for them at each moment. But I also encourage everyone to do it with heart & with awareness. Allow love to be the root of every action you take. Allow simple beingness to be the foundation of all that you do. Allow others to come into your heart & into your life. Empty yourself & allow the universe to fill you. This universe is you. Everything is always you. Love it all. Be kind to all. Be patient with all. This is awareness. This awareness in action is activism.