butterflies nature

I became a vegetarian when I was 12 years old (almost 28 years ago). The best times of my life, the happiest I’ve ever been, happened when I was camping. Everything that inspires me most, is natural: created by nature, found in nature, maintained in nature. The most beautiful thing I have ever experienced in my life, definitely the most amazing and memorable, is the Wind. My greatest teacher has been the Water; in it, I had a life changing epiphany. In general I prefer sleeping close to the ground, sitting without chairs, and eating with bare hands. The list goes on, but what remains is the same, I like things that are down to earth, or things that bring me closer to nature’s magic.

There is no doubt about it, I’ve always adored nature. But as I get older, I respect it more. I also try to listen to it more. This takes work. Because I’ve been programmed (our whole culture & society has) to abuse it and view it as disposable, and to see it as something wild that needs taming, manipulating or controlling. Something to always keep a safe distance from.

I’m slowly learning what the phrase “back to the land” means. I’m also slowly learning about indigenous ways. All of this feels like an awakening. Like I am waking up from my calcified city person slumber, and courageously softening every part of my being. Becoming more vulnerable and open, gradually seeing a whole world I never saw before. A world that is more wild, more primal. A world that embraces the unknown.

My love & adoration of nature is growing. And as it grows, I will share the my most recent insights and news. I will do this through the blog section of this website (on the front page), and on my other blog Sunday Is For Lovers. Even this very page you are reading will evolve. Check back often and see what is growing. You (we) are in for a wild ride.