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A daily meditation practice is nothing more than a reminder that: it’s already there — don’t try so hard! What we are looking for, what we feel we need, what we are working towards — is already there. Peace, security, abundance, love, equanimity, joy, serenity, strength, bliss, freedom, truth, divinity, courage, power, knowledge, answers — it’s all there, it’s already who we are.

Meditating daily as an ongoing practice is nothing more than ringing a wake up bell for yourself. It’s a gentle way to say: stop. It’s a gentle way to say: clear out, start over, reboot the system, begin anew. It’s a gentle way to say: I love you, please look deeper. It’s a gentle way to say: everything is an illusion, don’t take it so seriously. It’s a gentle way to say: don’t over-think things. It’s a gentle way to say: let go.

No one needs to meditate. Meditation is nothing more than beingness. Being is the basis of all that we do — whether we are aware of it or not. But if we were aware of how important, yet effortless being is — our lives would be much different. Being present; coming from a place of stillness, & seeing our lives as a projection — all of this gives us a greater awareness. As a result of this awareness, our life becomes clear because our “vision” becomes be clearer. Living in a meditative state, living in full awareness all day every day, without ever having to practice — this would be ideal! But few can say that they are able to do that. For many of us it takes practice, & we need the constant reminder to become clear again. We need the wake up bell.

There is nothing to do while meditating. It is the means & the end. Nowhere to go, no one to be, nothing to prove. It just is. Just as we just are. I like to say that meditation is synonymous with unconditional love. There is no reason why I love unconditionally, I just love. There is no particular way I should love someone. Love itself doesn’t have a certain shape that it takes, or tradition that it follows. Love is formless. Just as meditation is formless & beingness is formless. And just like love, it can be bliss.

online meditation course class

I offer one hour morning meditation sessions online via Skype, Monday through Friday. The sessions are group sessions, as well as private sessions; either by spontaneous appointment, or meeting weekly at a set time on a regular basis.

If you have any questions about meditation, or the sessions I offer, please feel free to contact me.

All meditation sessions are by donation only. Please offer what feels best for you.

For first time meditation appointments only: I request that you make your monetary offering before the meditation session takes place. This way I know that you are serious about practicing meditation and you will make your appointment as scheduled. After your first session, feel free to make your donation for meditation sessions as you feel inclined, and at any time that is best for you.

To make an offering:

Go to,
Select Transfer, & then click Send Someone Money.
Then, you’ll be prompted to fill out the required information.
(You’ll need my email address; see below.)
Please make sure to select Gift, indicating that the money you are sending is a gift/donation (not a set amount for a purchase or service).
And that’s it. Very easy!